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Yuzuri no Hana, formed in 2021, is a music duo combining Japanese traditional instruments; Tsugaru shamisen by Yuzu and Sanshin by Rino.

Rino Aise

 Rino Aise, a native of Japan, is a performer of drama and music, particularly for peace. 
Rino initially studied Minyo (folk songs) with Ryushu Kubota, the highest teacher of the Hokkaido Folk Song Federation and, then, started playing sanshin, a traditional Okinawa instrument, to pursue her music career, playing folk songs and original songs in the U.S. and Japan.

Yuzu Natsumi

 Yuzu Natsumi - Singer / songwriter from Japan
Yuzu is a Japanese singer/songwriter playing Japanese traditional Instrument called Shamisen. She has been making original fusion of Japanese traditional style and melody with modern style of music since 2014. So far she performed in 14 countries including America, France, Thailand and India. She is also known as a professional singer of Kiyari, traditional vocal art of Tokyo.

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